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Wrought Iron Garden Fence Edging
MSRP : $54.08
Our Price : $47.99
A classic wrought iron construction makes this edging system durable and long-lasting. Designed to frame flower beds or accentuate lawn borders, the double-locking ring system is simple to assemble and allows for flexibility around curves and corners.

Handmade 'Lets Garden' Wind Chime (India)
Our Price : $47.69
Featuring a unique garden spade-shaped frame crafted of recycled metal with a delicate metal flower, this lovely 'Let's Garden' wind chime features an array of colorful hand-blown glass beads for added color that will add melodic tones to your space.

Magnesian Angel Garden Statue
Our Price : $159.99
This stone angel statue will grace your garden, greenhouse, or even your home beautifully. Made of natural magnesian stone, this statue plant is part of our 'Main Street Revolution,' a partnership between Overstock and small American businesses.

Solar Garden Wall Lantern
Our Price : $37.49
This beautiful wall lantern features a delicate scroll work wall plate with a classic hurricane lamp for a graceful addition to your outdoor living space. Hidden solar collectors store sunlight for plentiful after-dark illumination.

Garden Bells Wind Chime (China)
Our Price : $122.00
Both a beautiful looking garden accent as well as a beautiful sounding set of wind chimes, nine brass-plated bell chimes attached to steel wire rods, fixed in a weighted hydro-stone base will add melodic beauty to your outdoor space.

Wood Japanese-Style Zen Garden Gate (China)
MSRP : $1279.00
Our Price : $1184.00
This handcrafted Japanese design garden gate is made with wood, natural fiber and bamboo. A simple, beautiful piece of hand-wrought workmanship, this zen garden gate provides a uniquely beautiful entry into one's yard or Japanese style Zen garden.

Carved Clouds Porcelain Garden Stool (China)
Our Price : $
This beautiful porcelain garden stool evokes the image of beautiful billowing clouds rolling overhead. A luminous aqua colored glaze finishes this traditional barrel-shaped Chinese garden stool.

Weathered Ivory Graceful Garden Lantern
MSRP : $44.18
Our Price : $25.99
This intriguing five-sided lantern features a tapered shape, weathered ivory finish and graceful fluted roof. Generously sized to hold a stately pillar candle for plenty of cheerful candlelight, lend a warm glow and inviting ambiance to your decor.

Metal Garden Stake Clock
MSRP : $55.78
Our Price : $38.99
This weatherproof clock can be used in the garden as an assist to tell time. It's rustic features can create a country-like environment in one's garden. The 30-inch height of this product is perfect for every garden.

Hummingbird Garden Weathervane
MSRP : $167.63
Our Price : $109.78
This garden weathervane comes with a garden pole and can be easily displayed in your yard or garden. This weathervane assembles in minutes to add a personal touch to any outdoor space.

Urban Trends Collection Ceramic Garden Stool
MSRP : $124.36
Our Price : $112.99
This garden statue features an earthy-inspired head sculpted with polished ceramic. Display this garden stool to create a serene atmosphere in your garden.

Garden Bridge Decoration
Our Price : $127.99
  • Stylish garden bridge is perfect for showcasing flowers, plants and other seasonal decor
  • Display accessory constructed of iron and high-quality distressed pine with a smooth finish
  • Unique planter for the porch, patio or flower garden

  • Vintage Handmade Vanilla Club Porcelain Garden Stool (China)
    Our Price : $129.99
    You dont need a lot of space to relax in your garden thanks to this traditional ceramic garden stool. Hand-crafted from ceramic and clay, the stool features an elegant Chinese design, and it is the perfect size for sitting and enjoying the day.

    Safavieh Paradise Gardens Embossed Light Grey Ceramic Garden Stool
    MSRP : $169.00
    Our Price : $98.09
    Accent your garden, patio, or any indoor room with this paradise gardens embossed light grey ceramic garden stool.

    Natural Teak Large Garden Lantern
    Our Price : $35.49
    Illuminate your garden or patio with this lovely natural teak garden lantern. Constructed of Indonesian plantation teak wood, this rectangular lantern is finished with solid brass accents.

    Beaded Crowing Rooster Garden Statue
    Our Price : $38.49
    An attractive garden ornament, this Crowing Rooster with multi-colored beads on its body is a stunning feature in any patio or backyard. In a realistic pose, with a wire woven body and detailed tail, this Rooster is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

    Decorative Garden Obelisk
    Our Price : $100.99
    Add an elegant look to your garden with this obelisk.

    Mushroom White Porcelain Garden Seat
    Our Price : $112.99
  • Color: White
  • Materials: Porcelain
  • Style: Mushroom style garden stool

  • Charming Garden Gnome in Red, Green and Blue
    Our Price : $37.99
    Add color, spice and life to your garden with this charming cast stone resin gnome stature. This whimsical gnome boast earthy hues of blue, green and red and is skillfully crafted to be balanced and durable.

    Garden Rooster Copper Weather Vane
    MSRP : $145.57
    Our Price : $107.99
    This charming Garden Rooster weather vane is the perfect addition to your backyard and garden. Constructed of brass, steel and copper, this weather vane will gracefully patina over time.

    Illuminated Hummingbird Garden Sign
    MSRP : $38.99
    Our Price : $23.99
    This popular Hummingbird Garden sign can be used with the included ground stake or placed on a tabletop. This sign highlights a 10.8-inch height, and includes two green LEDs that automatically illuminates at night.

    Carved Elephant Porcelain Garden Stool (China)
    Our Price : $
    The regal form of the Indian elephant is sculpted on the front of this intriguing porcelain garden stool. With a vivid aquamarine glaze, this porcelain stool will make a fun, attractive addition to any house or apartment.

    Green Lattice Porcelain Garden Stool (China)
    Our Price : $
    This beautiful, hand-sculpted garden stool was made from porcelain and finished with a vibrant green glaze. Finely crafted, this product is a hip and fashionable addition to any style of decor, inspired by ornate lattice screens common to the Middle East.

    18-inch Teal Porcelain Garden Stool (China)
    Our Price : $139.00
    This handmade porcelain garden stool features a sleek modern design. Raised knobs dot the surface providing depth and dimension while the clean teal glaze brings orderliness and brightens its surroundings.

    Beige and Green Ribbed Porcelain Garden Stool (China)
    Our Price : $
    Inspired by traditional Chinese decor, this handcrafted porcelain garden stool features a slab and coil design. The medium-gloss glaze transitions from rich green to a lovely shade of cream and is weather resistant for outdoor use.

    Carved Woven Design Porcelain Garden Stool (China)
    Our Price : $
    This handcrafted porcelain garden stool features a rustic woven pattern inspired by traditional barrel-shaped baskets, and is finished in a vibrant, medium-gloss glaze that transitions from lush teal to a sea-foam green, ending in creamy white.

    White Classic Lion Garden Statue
    Our Price : $233.99
    Add a fierce protector to you garden with this stunning statue. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this white magnesium oxide statue features the timeless image of a lion standing watch.

    Glow in the Dark Beaded Strutting Rooster Garden Statue
    MSRP : $67.22
    Our Price : $28.02
    In a very striking pose, this lovely garden statue will look at home on your deck or in your backyard. With green glow in the dark beads, this strutting rooster will look incredible day or night, but remember that it is not meant to be used as a toy.

    Nature Decoratiev Garden Arch
    Our Price : $217.99
    Accent your home and garden with this elegant nature arch.

    Handmade 28 inch Metal Garden Stake with Frog (Haiti)
    Our Price : $31.49
    This metal art garden stake is 28 inches tall and features a 9-inch tall frog. Handmade from steel drums with a natural patina it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Metal Ladybug Garden Stake
    MSRP : $41.03
    Our Price : $32.99
    Create an inviting atmosphere with the Metal Ladybug Garden Stake featuring a colorful display. Greeting guest with a warm welcome, this lovely LadyBug decoration can be hung indoors or outdoors, or planted in your yard.

    Japanese Garden Bamboo Fence Door (China)
    MSRP : $119.00
    Our Price : $108.00
    These beautifully crafted wood & bamboo fence sections are designed well made from rustic stained kiln dried wood frames and dark stained kiln dried whole bamboo pole.

    Regal Pheasant Garden Statue
    Our Price : $33.02
    Colorful and elegant the Regal Pheasant will look stunning in any backyard or patio. Decorative detail on wings and tail. Suitable for indoors or outdoors.

    Colin the Cat Garden Statue
    MSRP : $34.85
    Our Price : $30.99
    A fun and colorful metal cat, Colin is a sure winner when it comes to brightening up someone's day. He is an awesome pet to have around the home or backyard, but remember that he is for decorative use only, not as a toy.

    Duke the Dog Garden Statue
    Our Price : $28.99
    Looking for a cute dog statue to watch over your yard or home? Duke the dog is the perfect pet to have around because you never have to feed him or go on walks together, but he will still make sure that your home or yard is wonderfully decorated.

    Tall Heron Garden Statue
    Our Price : $43.02
    This beautiful and elegant tall heron statue will look stunning in any backyard, and especially standing next to a water feature. With decorative grey detail on the wings and tail, the lovely nature of this statue is obvious.

    Standing Duck Garden Statue
    Our Price : $33.99
    Beautiful and elegant, this standing white duck statue will look stunning in any backyard and add a sense of natural decor wherever it resides. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this statue is hand-painted and finished.

    Frankie the Frog Garden Statue
    MSRP : $28.03
    Our Price : $25.99
    A fun and colorful metal frog, Frankie is sure to make your yard or home feel a little more magical. The perfect pet to have around the backyard, he will be the happiest next to a water source or small pond.

    Handmade 25 inch Metal Garden Stake with Gecko (Haiti)
    Our Price : $30.59
    This metal art garden stake is 25 inches tall and features a 9-inch tall gecko. Handmade from steel drums with a natural patina, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    18-inch High Zebra Leaf Porcelain Garden Stool (China)
    Our Price : $
    Bring a touch of exotic flair to your home with this beautiful zebra-striped garden stool. Based on a classic Chinese design, this stool features high-contrast detailing and a low-gloss glaze porcelain construction, perfect for display indoors or out.

    White Small Victorian Lantern
    Our Price : $17.49
    Imagine your tranquil garden at sunset, with elegant lanterns filled with twinkling light. Whether placed alone, or grouped with others, this elegant Victorian lanter adds a magical ambiance to any evening.

    Bishop Dahlia Garden Torch
    Our Price : $64.99
    Bring the unmistakable beauty of nature into your yard in a whole new way with the Bishop Dahlia Garden Torch. This steel torch combines floral form with usefulness of a garden torch to bring you a piece you will be proud of.

    Iron Black 4-layer Plant Stand
    MSRP : $185.17
    Our Price : $106.18
  • Add the perfect finishing touch to your home or garden with a new wrought iron plant stand
  • Four-layer accessory spruces up nearly any home or garden decor
  • Plant stand is great for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Safavieh Paradise Tranquility White Ceramic Garden Stool
    MSRP : $113.00
    Our Price : $96.74
    Accent your garden, patio, or any indoor room with this paradise tranquility white ceramic garden stool.

    Safavieh Paradise Gardens Cream Ceramic Garden Stool
    MSRP : $149.00
    Our Price : $89.99
    When you want to relax outside, this ceramic garden stool is just the place. The cream color scheme goes well with natural hues, and the ceramic is highly durable. You can also use this as a stand for small potted plants or a cocktail table.

    Black 24-inch Plant Dolly
    Our Price : $34.80
    The 24 inch plant dolly can hold up to 500 pounds, making it perfect for patio decoration and protection. Six wheels on the base make this dolly portable and convenient.

    Safavieh Paradise Gardens Embossed Lime Green Ceramic Garden Stool
    MSRP : $169.00
    Our Price : $89.09
    Add a lovely accent with this embossed lime, ceramic garden stool. Made from ceramic, this stool is a great accessory for porches and patios, gardens, or rooms in your home. With its versatile design, it can be used for several purposes.

    Flower Garden Wagon
    MSRP : $299.99
    Our Price : $161.99
    Transport your flowers, plants, and other garden accessories with ease when you use this classic garden wagon. The simple design and sturdy construction provide durability and easy maneuverability.

    Japanese Bamboo 4x5.5-foot Zen Garden Fence (China)
    MSRP : $423.35
    Our Price : $378.00
    Wide Japanese bamboo fence with lattice Dark wood finish with visible wood grain Bleached bamboo-pole panel and top lattice Decorative black ties on cross-beam and lattice

    Metal Sunflower Garden Decor - Medium
    Our Price : $81.99
    Add charm to your garden with this decorative garden stake. Made of metal, this adorable sunflower is both durable and stylish.

    TerraTrade Victorian Black Garden Border Fencing Set
    MSRP : $49.14
    Our Price : $18.99
    Keep your garden looking neat and tasteful with this resin garden border fence marking the boundaries. The high-density polypropylene resin fence is designed in a traditional Victorian style, giving your yard and garden a stylish and controlled look.

    Moers Cutwork Garden Stool
    Our Price : $175.99
    The intricate carvings and design have an organic tribal feel. Whether you choose to use this stool as a seat or a garden accessory, you will love the beauty it adds to your outdoor garden or patio.

    Safavieh Paradise Elephant Navy Ceramic Garden Stool
    MSRP : $196.42
    Our Price : $117.89
    Accent your garden, patio, or any indoor room with this paradise elephant navy ceramic garden stool.

    Poppy Garden Torch
    Our Price : $64.99
    Nature is filled with treasured icons that hold a special place in the heart. Enjoy the beauty of these icons without the work of upkeep with the Poppy Garden Torch.

    Sunflower Garden Torch
    Our Price : $61.99
    Add a touch of natural beauty to your yard with the Sunflower Garden Torch. This torch offers a unique spin on the beauty of flowers that will accent and enliven your outdoor space.

    Copper Witch Garden Weathervane
    MSRP : $199.95
    Our Price : $144.89
    This good witch sails through the sky on her broomstick, ready to bring good fortune to your garden or rooftop of your garage, gazebo or shed. A great gift for folk art enthusiasts, this stylish witch is made of polished copper.

    Paige Aluminum Garden Stool
    Our Price : $182.99
    The modern floral pattern featured on the Paige aluminum garden stool adds a contemporary shine to any display. The silver hue completes the look of simple elegance.

    Safavieh Paradise Treasures Cream Ceramic Garden Stool
    MSRP : $105.00
    Our Price : $87.29
    Accent your garden, patio, or any indoor room with this paradise treasures cream ceramic garden stool.

    Folding Flower Rack
    Our Price : $51.99
  • Sturdy, handmade folding flower rack is extremely easy to set up for in-season enjoyment
  • Stand assembly does not require tools
  • Flower stand will spruce up your garden decor

  • Westminster Garden Arch
    MSRP : $253.86
    Our Price : $209.99
    Train vines and flowering plants to grow along the frame of this Westminster garden arch and create a festive outdoor transition in the garden or yard. The top of this sturdy arch is 7.5 feet high.
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