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Compact Indoor Medicinal Herb Garden Starter Kit
Our Price : $37.99
  • Indoor medicinal herb garden kit is designed to help you start herbs in your own kitchen
  • Compact greenhouse fits on any windowsill or patio
  • Herb greenhouse provides the perfect climate for fast propagation

  • Indoor Herbal Tea Herb Garden Starter Kit with Comprehensive Instructions
    MSRP : $49.04
    Our Price : $40.99
    Enjoy a delicious cup of tea with some of the fresh herbs from this convenient herbal tea garden kit from Jiffy. You can create your very own herb garden right in your kitchen. The kit comes with everything you need to get your herbs started.

    Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Starter Kit
    MSRP : $46.04
    Our Price : $38.99
  • Indoor culinary herb garden kit is designed to help you start herbs in your own kitchen
  • Compact greenhouse fits on any windowsill or patio
  • Herb greenhouse provides the perfect climate for fast propagation

  • Bay Short Leaf Leather/ Cotton Garden Apron
    MSRP : $50.13
    Our Price : $36.28
    Work in your garden without ruining your clothing with this charming garden apron, featuring an adjustable neck strap for comfort. Crafted with Nubuck leather and cotton, this bay leaf apron features deep pockets to hold your garden tools.

    New Age Garden ecoFLEX Living Wall Vertical Gardens
    MSRP : $159.73
    Our Price : $102.70
    Demonstrate your love for the earth with this vertical hanging garden made from durable and eco-friendly recycled polymers that give the feel of wood without the maintenance. Lasts four times as long as wood.

    Ruff & Ready 10-piece Garden Tool Set
    MSRP : $46.99
    Our Price : $27.99
    This Rough & Ready 10-piece garden tool kit has everything for garden lovers to create a prize winning flower bed or garden. The tool kit features a handy and rugged carry case.

    Lifetime Raised Garden Bed
    MSRP : $235.91
    Our Price : $84.99
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Assembly, No Tools Required
  • Full Garden Set-Up in Less than 1 Hour
  • Easy Inter-Locking Assembly

  • LifeCycle Gardens Forest Green Garden on Wheelz
    Our Price : $199.99
    Innovative and patented design allows you to use this Garden on Wheelz indoors and out with no mess, making it easy to have a year round herb, vegetable or flower garden that's easy to maintain and easily accessible.

    Wrought Iron Garden Fence Edging
    MSRP : $55.20
    Our Price : $48.99
    A classic wrought iron construction makes this edging system durable and long-lasting. Designed to frame flower beds or accentuate lawn borders, the double-locking ring system is simple to assemble and allows for flexibility around curves and corners.

    Gardener Gardening Tools Folding Seat with Tote
    MSRP : $59.99
    Our Price : $
    The Gardener is a folding seat and detachable polyester storage tote all-in-one. The storage tote has two easily accessible zippered openings, and it conveniently holds five metal garden tools on the exterior of the tote.

    EarthBox 1010044 Garden Stand
    MSRP : $73.50
    Our Price : $51.55
    EarthBox 1010044 Garden Stand

    Talon Compound Anvil Lopper
    Our Price : $28.49
    Talon Compound Anvil Lopper

    Talon Bypass Lopper
    Our Price : $24.99
    Talon Bypass Lopper

    Talon Compound Bypass Lopper
    Our Price : $28.99
    Talon Compound Bypass Lopper

    Talon Bypass Lopper
    Our Price : $33.99
    Talon Bypass Lopper

    Talon Telescoping Bypass Lopper
    Our Price : $40.99
    Keep your bushes and trees looking their best with this telescoping bypass lopper. Designed with easy-to-spot yellow and black comfort handles, this lopper is crafted with aluminum and durable forged steel.

    Beer Garden Plant Kit
    Our Price : $29.49
    Grow beer in your very own beer garden! You will find it fun, rewarding, and tasty to grow your own beer making plants. They sprout and grow quickly and easily with hops that are the flavoring and stability agent of beer.

    Talon Bypass Lopper
    Our Price : $33.99
    Talon Bypass Lopper

    Black & Decker 4-piece Backyard Gardening Kit
    Our Price : $86.99
    Keep your backyard looking good by using this four-piece backyard kit from Black & Decker. This set includes durable garden shears, a ratchet lopper, hedge shear and compound bypass lopper.

    Beer Garden Dome Terrarium
    Our Price : $28.49
    Everyone loves the taste of fresh beer, and now you can grow beer in your very own beer garden. You will find it fun, rewarding, and tasty to grow your own beer-making plants.

    Ruff & Ready 5-piece Garden Tool Set
    MSRP : $30.14
    Our Price : $21.99
    Keep your garden supplies organized with this Ruff & Ready garden tool set. This five-piece set is packaged in a convenient gift box and comes with everything you need to work in your garden, including heavy-duty gloves, a shovel, and an apron.

    Garden Gnome Greeting Sign
    MSRP : $47.26
    Our Price : $41.99
    This garden gnome greeting sign is a witty and winsome way to welcome visitors to your home with a darling dose of fairy-tale charm.

    Melnor AquaSentry Wireless Sensor
    Our Price : $30.19
    The AquaSentry™, in conjunction with select Melnor AquaTimers™, tests soil before watering which assures healthier plants and beautiful lawns while conserving precious resources.

    Melnor Ergo Fire Nozzle
    MSRP : $28.59
    Our Price : $25.99
    The oversized Ergo Fire Nozzle is perfect for large outdoor cleaning projects. The water pattern on this nozzle adjusts between a super jet-like blast to a wide soft fog by twisting the tip, and the oversized control adjusts between off and fully open.

    Melnor Triple Spike Pulsating Sprinkler
    MSRP : $44.52
    Our Price : $43.99
    This heavy-duty Melnor sprinkler will keep your yard looking green even in the toughest weather conditions. This sprinkler creates a pulsating spray that travels evenly over a 106-foot circle. The triple spike allows installation even in hard ground.

    Herbs for Wine Lovers Garden Kit
    Our Price : $13.99
    Grow your own herbs with this herb garden kit. Perfect for wine lovers, this kit includes five different seeds, garden stakes, growing information and tips, so you can plant herbs like oregano, basil and thyme in your yard, containers or window boxes.

    Indoor Medicinal Herb Garden Starter Kit & Self-Watering Planter
    MSRP : $94.99
    Our Price : $74.99
    Grow herbs at home with this garden starter kit. It includes seeds of various herbs and planting pots which can be stacked to maximize space. It also comes with a little greenhouse that provides the ideal climate for their fast growth.

    Food Storage Canned Vegetable Garden Seeds
    Our Price : $65.99
    Be prepared for any eventuality with this emergency vegetable garden seeds kit. Featuring seeds in 16 varieties, this canned kit has everything you need to start a versatile garden in resealable packets, so you can use them when youre ready to grow.

    Handmade 'Lets Garden' Wind Chime (India)
    Our Price : $55.99
    Featuring a unique garden spade-shaped frame crafted of recycled metal with a delicate metal flower, this lovely 'Let's Garden' wind chime features an array of colorful hand-blown glass beads for added color that will add melodic tones to your space.

    Botanicare Power Flower Plant Nutrients
    MSRP : $26.35
    Our Price : $20.02
  • Intended use: Plant Nutrients
  • Materials: Synthetic Plant Nutrients
  • Specially formulated to maximize floral induction and development in flowing plants

  • Earth's Balance Two-piece G-whiz Lawn Saver Set
    Our Price : $39.99
    G-Whiz is a natural liquid supplement that provides 10 key amino acids dogs need to properly metabolize proteins. Just add to food or water and G-Whiz will lower ammonia levels in dog urine that cause lawn burns.

    Handy Pantry Sprout Garden 3-tray Sprouter
    MSRP : $38.04
    Our Price : $31.99
    This 3-tray sprouter sprout garden makes growing your own organic sprouts a breeze. It is an easy way to increase the amount of healthy and nutritious meals you eat. This growing kit has everything needed to start your own indoor garden.

    Indoor Herbal Tea Herb Garden Starter Kit & Self Watering Planter
    Our Price : $89.99
    Tea enthusiasts will rejoice with this tea herb garden starter kit. This kit includes everything you need to grow a mini tea herb garden, such as a wide array of seeds and pellets, planter, mini greenhouse, and instructions for getting started.

    Classic Garden Stool (China)
    Our Price : $248.00
    Enjoy the hard work that you put into your garden with this traditional Chinese garden stool. Available in three colors, the porcelain stool is durable enough for use as a chair and decorative enough to use it as a table or plant stand.

    Solar Garden Wall Lantern
    Our Price : $37.49
    This beautiful wall lantern features a delicate scroll work wall plate with a classic hurricane lamp for a graceful addition to your outdoor living space. Hidden solar collectors store sunlight for plentiful after-dark illumination.

    Garden Bells Wind Chime (China)
    Our Price : $122.00
    Both a beautiful looking garden accent as well as a beautiful sounding set of wind chimes, nine brass-plated bell chimes attached to steel wire rods, fixed in a weighted hydro-stone base will add melodic beauty to your outdoor space.

    Black & Decker Home 8-piece Ultimate Garden Tool Kit
    Our Price : $84.99
    Make short work of any outdoor project with this Black & Decker 8-piece Ultimate Garden tool kit. This set includes tools for pruning, gardening, watering and generally cleaning up around the yard.

    SunCalc The Sunlight Calculator
    Our Price : $24.99
    The path of the sun, shade from the house and trees, fences, etc. all contribute to varied amount of available sunlight. Using SunCalc, gardeners can accurately measure the amount of photosynthetically active light in a aspecific growing location.

    'On Strike' Sleeping Gnome Garden Accent
    MSRP : $27.10
    Our Price : $23.49
    This charming statue features a friendly snoozing gnome, relaxing against an 'On Strike' sign in a whimsical garden. Crafted of polyresin and stone material, this colorful gnome will look great whether gracing your garden or adorning you living space.

    Weathered Ivory Graceful Garden Lantern
    MSRP : $25.64
    Our Price : $24.99
    This intriguing five-sided lantern features a tapered shape, weathered ivory finish and graceful fluted roof. Generously sized to hold a stately pillar candle for plenty of cheerful candlelight, lend a warm glow and inviting ambiance to your decor.
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