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Domino 10-ounce Fruit Bowls (Set of 6)
Our Price : $23.49
These beautifully crafted dessert bowls are perfect for a small portion of fruit, ice cream or other dessert. The bowls come in a set of six to accommodate any dinner party.

Swirl Oval 5.25-inch 10-ounce Bowl (Set of 6)
Our Price : $25.99
This Swirl Oval bowl set is great for enjoying fruit or cereal with an oval shape and unique design. The bowls come in a set of six and are ideal for a family.

Swirl Oval 15-inch Centerpiece Plate
Our Price : $24.99
This Swirl Centerpiece plate is perfect to decorate your table setting. The plate features a 15 inch diameter to accommodate many items.

Country Fields 6-inch Dessert Plates (Set of 6)
Our Price : $19.99
These clear glass dessert plates include an embossed wine country fields motif. Serve dessert for your family or dinner party with these plates.

Domino 6.5-inch Salad Plate (Set of 6)
Our Price : $21.49
This sophisticated set of salad plates decorate any setting and are perfect for a small portion of lunch. The set of six is ideal for a family or party.

Swirl 11-inch 64-ounce Oval Bowl (Set of 2)
Our Price : $29.99
Use this set of swirl bowls as a stylish serving piece or for an elegant display. The glass bowls are dishwasher safe.

Country Fields Bowls Set/6 6.75" / 12 oz.
Our Price : $23.49
Country Fields Serving Bowl 9.25 InchClear glass serving bowl with wine country fields motif embossed. beautiful size, 9.25 inches in diameter.

Portable Salad Container
Our Price : $14.99
Take your salads with you on the go now using this portable salad container. With a fork and dressing container, you wont have to worry about a soggy salad when its lunchtime. Your salad is ready to go whenever you are.

Home Basics Apple Corer And Slicer
MSRP : $20.74
Our Price : $16.99
Slice and core apples, pears and other fruits cleanly and efficiently with this Home Basics Apple Corer and Slicer. It has a durable metal construction and white plastic body strong enough to cut through your fruit.
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