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Discount Dishes and Discount Utensils

Petite Royale Engraved Ceramic Plate (Morocco)
Our Price : $45.99

  • Add exotic flair to your home decor with an engraved ceramic plate
  • Each decorative plate measures 9 inches in diameter x 2 inches deep
  • Home accessory available in Mediterranean blue, marigold, amber and turquoise color options

  • Porcelain 14-inch Blue and White Floral Plate (China)
    Our Price : $59.00
    Enjoy the classic look of this beautiful decorative plate. This elegantly designed plate is crafted of solid porcelain with a dainty blue and white floral pattern. This plate would look stunning on a display shelf or in a curio cabinet.

    Le Souk Ceramique Tabarka Deep Sauce/Ice Cream (Set of 4)
    MSRP : $46.35
    Our Price : $29.99
    Le Souk Ceramique strives to keep the spirit of the artisan background alive by continuing to make all ceramics by hand. All our artwork is done freehand, without the use of decals, stencils, tracing or machine-painting.

    Handmade Olive Wood Utensil Set of 5 Kitchen Tools (sauce spoon, spoon, spork, cooking spoon, spatula)
    Our Price : $44.99
    This particular utensil set 5 is perfect for cooking sauces, stews and pretty much anything you desire! The wooden spoons and spatulas are very durable and handy to have. This utensil set is the perfect addition to your olive wood collection.

    Le Souk Ceramique Qamara Design Large Serving Bowl (Tunisia)
    Our Price : $47.49
    Qamara contains both geometric and organic lines. At first the geometry captures your eye, then you are drawn into the abstract shapes of the creatures of the deep blue sea.

    Engraved Turquoise Ceramic Plate (Morocco)
    Our Price : $49.99
    Engraved Turquoise Ceramic Plate (Morocco)

    Ceramic 'Moroccan Sunset' Engraved Decorative Plate (Morocco)
    Our Price : $40.99
    Add a unique touch to your living room with a Moroccan Sunset decorative plate. This handcrafted plate is made with traditional techniques of red clay ceramics and baked in kilns that are over 200 years old.

    Handmade Olive Wood Honey Jar and Dipper (Tunisia)
    Our Price : $40.49
    This particular olive wood honey pot and dipper set is carved from solid olive wood. It's perfect for honey storage and fits perfectly in any kitchen. This honey jar would make an excellent and unique addition to your collection of handcrafted olive wood.

    Rosewood 14-inch Plate Stand (China)
    MSRP : $17.19
    Our Price : $15.00
    Display your favorite plates, artwork and more with this lovely folding plate stand. Made of richly lacquered Chinese rosewood, it conveniently folds and expands to hold your collectibles securely. The simple design is accented with curled arm edges.

    Hand-painted Round Encantada Red Pottery Plate (Mexico)
    Our Price : $31.99
    Lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe, this richly-colored round plate is handcrafted and painted by Mexican artisans. While a very functional piece, the outside is covered with a textured pattern making each piece unique. 10 inches wide.

    Ceramic Stoneware Blue and Orange 10.75-inch Dinner Plate (Poland)
    Our Price : $38.49
    The unique glaze, clay and high firing temperatures result in enormous durability in this beautiful blue and orange dinner plate. Amaze and delight your family and friends with this unique, stunning work of art.

    Handmade Olive Wood 5.5-inch Pestle and Mortar (Tunisia)
    Our Price : $43.99
    This particular pestle and mortar is perfect to hand crush fresh spices such as saffron, caraway, coriander, anise etc., and is a beautiful unique addition to your collection of handcrafted olive wood kitchenware.

    Tortoise Shell Brown and Red Ceramic 5-piece Place Setting Bundle (Italy)
    Our Price : $136.49
    Tortoise Shell Place Setting Bundle #2 includes 1 charger/serving platter, 1 dinner plate, 1 salad plate, 1 cereal bowl, and 1 mug

    Le Souk Ceramique Malika Design Extra Large Oval Platter (Tunisia)
    Our Price : $54.88
    Malika is the word for 'queen' in Arabic and our design is filled with regal tones. Embedded with amethyst, emerald, and sapphire, Malika is a splendid jewel for spring and summer galas.

    Le Souk Ceramique Qamara Design Deep Salad Bowl (Tunisia)
    MSRP : $68.94
    Our Price : $53.56
    Qamara contains both geometric and organic lines. At first the geometry captures your eye, then you are drawn into the abstract shapes of the creatures of the deep blue sea.

    Handmade Stoneware 12-ounce Mug (Poland)
    Our Price : $29.99
    Detail your kitchen with classic appeal while using this beautifully crafted mug. Handmade using age-old techniques in Poland, this piece will make a great addition to any serving collection.

    Leaf & Fiber's Pack of 100 Biodegradable Palm Leaf Plates (India)
    Our Price : $78.71
    Handcrafted from fallen Areca palm leaves, this eco-friendly, chemical-free, compostable dinnerware is perfect for use during dinner parties, events or any occasion, and were specially handcrafted by artisans in India.

    Le Souk Ceramique Nejma Design Square Platter (Tunisia)
    MSRP : $43.74
    Our Price : $35.99
    Nejma means 'star' in Arabic. Wanting to create a geometric design with the predominant color being a bright red, what results is the most intricate and stunning design you'll find.

    11" Engraved Ceramic Plate- Blue (Morocco)
    Our Price : $48.49
    Engraved Ceramic Plate (Morocco)

    Handmade Olive Wood Sugar Bowl with Spoon (Tunisia)
    Our Price : $40.99
    This particular olive wood sugar bowl and coffee spoon are carved from solid olive wood. This olive wood item is commonly used as a sugar bowl but can also be used as a coffee or Tea canister.
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